Land Use & Protocols

This page outlines the protocols for visiting the Crystal Earth Temple Complex. Different areas of the complex are available for different purposes and at different times. Please read these points carefully.

Temple Complex Entrance

Please see the (downloadable) MAP of the complex for the locations of current trail systems and installations.

  • Gate Codesdo not give out
    • Main Padre Springs gate code: 7294
    • Copper gate padlock code: 1221 – NOTE lock the gate behind you when you go through the gate, and also lock it behind you when you exit.
  • Drive very slowly when approaching and passing the Holian homestead.
  • Please enter the Temple Complex from the North, through the copper gate — NOTE: The south cul de sac parking and entrance are now for maintenance access only.
  • Park thoughtfully along the road near the North Mesa point to allow room for others to park and/or drive by and turn around.
  • Enter by foot on the wide trail that leads to the New Light Pyramid.
  • A porta potty is located near the North Camp parking and entrance.

Safety & Environmental

  • Go with a buddy when possible — or if going alone, let someone know.
  • Stay on marked trails to protect vegetation; watch for cactus, unstable rocks, and low hanging branches.
  • Don’t cut or break off any branches. If there is something you feel is a safety issue, please report it to Nancy (
  • Pack out ALL trash including tissues and food remains.
  • Use porta potties for defecation.
  • Never light a fire — except for Matthew, Diane and Ben, who have been trained in fire safety for this land.
  • Watch for bear and other wildlife activity, especially in fall and spring.
  • Fire extinguisher and first aid kit are in a brown storage box near the South Pavilion/Fire Pyramid Circle; we are hoping to soon have an extinguisher and first aid kit in the North Camp.
  • Cell Reception is limited — in case of emergency, the north point of the Mesa usually has the most reliable cell service
  • In case of a fire that doesn’t allow you to exit out the main Padre Springs gate, there are two alternate fire road exits down the Mesa. (Angela needs to get this info from Bob).


Maintenance for the Temple Complex is coordinated by Nancy Kerr-Walker.

  • Please contact her by email at for clarification on current protocols and priorities for upkeep, and for location of tools and supplies.
  • Founding Stewards may organize volunteer days from time to time. These will be posted on the Calendar page.

The Temple Complex is primarily maintained by volunteers.

  • Temple Stewards are encouraged to devote regular time (when in town) to help with weeding, special projects, and other upkeep.
  • You are invited to “adopt” a specific area or installation that is yours to maintain. Please contact Nancy (via email) to select your area.

Temple Complex Areas

North Camp

  • Visitation: This is an appropriate area to bring visitors to “show and tell” about the project mission and vision
    • Available to Temple Stewards and their guests
    • Everyone must have signed a release
  • Dining & Food Storage: We are securing several quality picnic tables, please plan to eat meals in this designated area
    • A “squirrel” box will be located near the picnic area for temporary food storage (in the car is always preferred and ideal)
    • Pick up any food that may drop on the ground and pack out all food scraps and trash
    • Do not light a fire or grill; propane and electric cook tools are ok if properly and always supervised
    • When overnighting ALWAYS KEEP ALL FOOD IN THE CAR
  • Tipi: A tipi is being installed in the North Camp
    • May be used as a gathering space by Temple Stewards and their guests (with permission)
    • May be used for overnighting by Temple Stewards (with permission)
    • Sweep out tipi before and after each use
    • Properly close and secure all openings when leaving the North Camp (even when going into the Temple in case of rain or other wind events)
  • North Pavilion: A larger pavilion is being constructed in the north for group visits and meeting space
    • North Pavilion logistics such as cushion storage, etc will be updated later this fall
  • Porta potty: located near parking area
    • Please notify Nancy or Ben (via email) if supplies are low or it needs maintenance
  • Overnighting is available to Temple Stewards with certain levels of responsibility and with permission
    • The tipi offers a communal space for overnighting
    • Personal tents may be set up in designated clearings
    • Contact Angela for permissions and more information about overnighting

Generator Sanctum

  • Visitation: Temple Stewards may visit from dawn to dusk
    • Ambassador and Founding Stewards may bring guests
    • Everyone must have signed a release
    • Guests are invited to offer a $27 donation each visit
    • Temple Stewards don’t need to make the per visit donation as they regularly donate time and money in other ways
  • Entrance to the Sanctum is an archway on the East Ridge Trail between the North Camp and Murti Garden
  • Noise travels on the Mesa, please remember to speak in appropriate tones when in the Sanctum and on the trails
  • Meditation Gardens: Beacon, First Crystal, Murti Garden
    • Enter in silence and if others are already there, respect their inner experience and maintain silence
    • Discourage visitors leaving “offerings” (flowers, a stone, etc); explain that offerings disrupt the energetics and environmental sanctity of the installations; invite them instead to offer a larger donation
    • Touching the installations is not encouraged but please use discretion of if, when and how to communicate such with guests
  • South Pavilion, Fire Pyramid Circle and Shala
    • Yoga mats, cushions and ceremonial supplies are located in a brown storage box sited near Fire Pyramid Circle and Shala
    • Note that no one is to light a fire (with the exception of Matthew, Ben and Diane who have all been trained in fire safety)
    • Sweep out shala before and after use
    • Always close and secure Shala openings when leaving (even for a short time) as weather changes quickly

Temple Inner Sanctum

  • This part of the Temple Complex is not open to Temple Stewards or to visitors except on specific activation days
  • Founding Stewards may enter periodically for maintenance and Temple R&D

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The Crystal Earth Initiative is a project of The Wholeness,
a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

©2015-2024, The Crystal Earth Initiative. All rights reserved.