Galactic Energy Activations

Our Earth now receives and metabolizes enlightening cosmic energies with unprecedented clarity and potency. Each human, as a cell of Mother Earth, carries the potential to resonate more fully and consciously not only with the harmony of our planet’s wisdom, but also with solar and galactic frequencies that support our divine awakening.

Event Information

Several times a year there is an opportunity to pilgrimage to the Crystal Earth Temple (near Santa Fe, NM) to experience a Galactic Energy Activation.

When – October 12, 2023
Where – Crystal Earth Temple, Santa Fe, NM

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Temple Energetics

A large Crystal has been installed on the land at a location we refer to as the Temple Inner Sanctum. This Crystal serves to anchor a powerful portal that facilitates experience and sustainable integration of uplifting, multidimensional energies.

The Temple site is understood to be sited on one of Earth’s largest solar vortices, and a nexus of significant global and cosmic energy lines (ley lines). The unique crystal technology utilized on the site engages and amplifies planetary and cosmic energies, without human programming or interference.

To help protect the Crystal and ensure that it is an effective generator for global upliftment, human interaction with it is not normally available. However, a few days a year, the Crystal is opened to those making pilgrimage to receive healing, soul attunement, and spiritual and multidimensional activation.

Activation Days: Solar-Nakshatra Alignments

The timing of these Galactic Energy Activations is based on our sun’s cyclical alignments with certain distant star systems in our galaxy. These constellations, known as nakshatras, are long understood to influence the Earth and humanity. Several times per year at midday, the sun enters windows of alignment with specific nakshatra constellations that are resonant with evolving human awareness. When present with clear receptivity for a few minutes in this aligned and amplified portal, one’s own crystalline physiology may be more holistically activated.

Pilgrimage Experience

Individuals may sign up to attend one day of the Galactic Energy Activations (or subject to availability, two sequential days). To maintain a coherent, settled experience, the number of participants is limited each day. As is traditional in temples around the world, a per-person donation is requested for each day of participation.

These Activation Days are for people who are seeking profound personal transformation. To facilitate this experience, much of the time spent on the temple land will be in silence. After a short orientation, the group will walk to the Crystal Portal location. People will sit or lie on the ground in personal communion, as one by one each pilgrim enjoys a few personal minutes with the Crystal.

Important Considerations

  • 4-6 hours will be needed for roundtrip travel from Santa Fe and time on the land. The temple is a 45+ minute drive from Santa Fe, with the last 15 minutes on winding, rough roads. Please plan to participate in an organized carpool from Café Fina in Eldorado. Details and directions will be emailed to you after registration.
  • To support the ceremonial space and the deep inward nature of the Activation Days, we ask that you not bring young children or animals.
  • The path from the parking lot to the location where the Activations take place is a 15-20 minute walk over uneven, hilly, and rocky terrain. Good hiking shoes are recommended. Please let us know, before you register, if you have any physical challenges that may make it difficult to walk, or to sit or lie on the ground.
  • There’s no opportunity to eat or snack while on the temple land, so plan to eat beforehand. Please DO bring lots of water to stay hydrated, as well as layers and jackets for inclement weather. It can sometimes be 15-20 degrees cooler at the temple location, and there can also be unexpected wind and precipitation.
  • There is one port-a-potty available, and no running water or other infrastructure. Please be prepared with any supplies you may need.

You are very warmly invited to take part in the upcoming Galactic Energy Activations. If you wish to attend, use the form below to register. Please contact us at if you have any questions. We are happy to hear from you.

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Thursday October 12, 2023

Note: There is a requested donation of $100 per person.

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The Crystal Earth Initiative is a project of The Wholeness,
a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

©2015-2024, The Crystal Earth Initiative. All rights reserved.